About Me

This website serves as a collection of reflections and artifacts from my time as a ETAD (Eduational Technology and Design) student at the University of Saskatchewan. I am a Teacher Technology Coach with Regina Catholic[…]


Philosophy of Teaching

Looking back at my time working in education, I find myself quite different than when I entered.  Even in the last few months, my viewpoints and philosophy has changed. Prior to my current role as[…]


ETAD 804

ETAD 804 was my final course for my program requirements which I took during the Fall Term of 2016. 804 centered around Distance Education, specifically looking at “planning context, need identification, educational objectives, and learning[…]


ECUR 805

I took ECUR 805 in the month of August 2016. The format for this course was quite unique and, to be honest, a little stressful for myself, mostly due to travel plans I had previously[…]


ERES 800

ERES 800 covered Educational Research Methods. I took the course alongside EC&I 831 during the Winter 2016 term. Admittedly, out of all the courses required as part of the ETAD program, I was least excited[…]


EC&I 831

EC&I 831 was off the beaten path for the ETAD program. I took the course in the Winter term of 2016 and it was offered through the University of Regina and I was able to[…]


ETAD 873

ETAD 873 was the first course I took where I finally felt able to somewhat manage the workload and expectations as a student (even though I still struggled at times).  873 covered Instructional Design, a[…]


ETAD 803

I took ETAD 803 during my first summer as an ETAD student. I was extremely excited to take this course for a number of reasons. First off, it took place during my summer break as[…]


ECUR 809

I took ECUR 809 during my first term of summer session courses in 2015 and was really only my second graduate studies course, since ETAD 802 took up two terms. ECUR 809 covered the evaluation[…]


ETAD 802

ETAD 802 was the first course I took as a graduate student. It was exciting, scary, and intimidating all at the same time. I had no idea what to expect, and was also taking on[…]


Applying to ETAD

While reflecting on my ETAD experience and collecting artifacts from my time in the program, I stumbled upon my initial letter of intention that was included as part of my application to the ETAD program.[…]